Five ways to combat the content avalanche

In order to produce creative cut-through content which stands out from the crowd B2B marketers need to rip up the rule book. Forget content is king and direct mail is dead and focus on creating content campaigns that are effective and ultimately drive sales.

We understand producing successful content is a massive issue for B2B marketers across the globe. Consequently, we have organised the only B2B content dedicated event in the UK – which promises to help you cut through the content avalanche.  Interested? Visit our conference website here. In the meantime, I thought I’d offer five tips to help you combat the content avalanche:

  1. Think first
    Before embarking on your new content campaign do your research. This could be reading a new whitepaper, case study or attending a content led conference (did you know we’ve got one coming up!)  All these things will allow you to create more effective content. After all, you don’t want your content adding to the mass of unseen articles, press releases and videos on the web.
  2. Consider your audience
    Marketing has become increasingly focused on digital and social. Although these are popular channels, it doesn’t mean your audience are necessarily there. The majority of your customer base might rather receive a print brochure or a colourful DM. Before embarking on a new campaign understand where your prospects consume information. Then create content that is helpful and interesting - and most importantly reaches them.
  3. Be human
    Although B2B has become more creative, sometimes brands sound almost robotic when communication with its audience. Just because you're approaching businesses doesn’t mean your prospects are less human. Be human, be real and be interesting – especially on social channels.
  4. Stand out from the crowd
    Many content campaigns fail because there's already a stockpile of information on that subject available. Make your campaign stand out from the crowd. For example, ensure you're not launching a new infographic on the same subject that hundreds of others address – or if you are do it differently.
  5. Share
    Sharing doesn’t mean sending out a couple of quick tweets. It means email broadcasts, blogs, press releases and promotion via industry specific forums in order to reach the masses.

Still stuck? Our upcoming conference ‘The Content Avalanche’ aims to ensure your content campaigns are a success.  Marketing leaders will share insights, outline best practices and offer advice. Plus, the event offers a rare opportunity to network and share ideas.

So, what are you waiting for? Book now.