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Food Glorious Food

If the way to a mans heart is through his stomach then is this the way to win over an CXO too?


Well not quite, if only it was that simple!  Whilst I’m smiling writing my latest blog post I do think there is a really important message here and that is food is so important so NEVER scrimp on the food at any event you organise (even if the budget is tight cut back in every area and not the catering)


Whilst great food doesn’t guarantee that decisions are made and POS raised it does reflect on your brand.  Delegates ALWAYS feedback on the standard of the catering and its too easy to overlook this when planning an event and get it wrong!  Poor food choices could cheapen what could otherwise have been classed as a good event.


So for your next event make sure that you guests are well fed and watered and that and they leave remembering your event for the right reasons and for the lack of quality food and beverages.