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The (four) secrets to effective marketing

Brand, Strategy, Customer, Measurement: these are the priorities of the high performing marketer...

Marketing’s ever-expanding remit means it can be difficult to know exactly where to focus your effort. But help is at hand, and it comes in the guise of B2B Marketing’s recently launched High Performance Marketing report.   

The report quantifies what those at the top of the game are doing differently, and offers marketers looking for focus the four pillars of successful marketing. A commitment to these areas has been shown to dramatically improve the quality of the contributions being made by marketing:

1. Strategy

Everything comes from the strategic direction your organisation is looking to take. Ensuring your marketing efforts are complementary is essential if you want to reflect on a job well done. There is no point doing really well in something that doesn’t matter.

High performing marketers are 33 per cent more likely to be aligned with business strategy than the average marketer.


2. Customer

No longer a hollow buzzword bandied around for fun, but rather an acknowledged stimulant to business growth, customer centricity is something to which the best performing marketers are truly committed. Marketing in the digital age all about delivering what your customers want. They should be placed at the heart of everything you do.  

High performing marketers are 29 per cent more likely to have customer-driven processes than the average marketer.


3. Brand

This one is obvious. But marketers have to assume the role of brand manager/defender/advocate (both internally and externally). Brand differentiation is vital, and marketers should see it as their responsibility to own this fact and ensure it is manifest at every level of the business. 

Seventy-three percent of high performing marketers are ‘very successfully’ managing their brand differentiation, as opposed to 51 per cent of average marketers.


4. Measurement

A commitment to measurement and reporting should underpin modern marketing activity. It facilitates the repetition of success, allows you to learn from your mistakes and – perhaps most importantly of all – means marketing is able to quantify its contribution in meaningful terms to the rest of the business.

It’s notable that this is the pillar in which the slimmest difference between high performing marketers and the rest was recorded. The best marketers are only seven per cent more sophisticated when it comes to measurement.


If you’d like to learn more about why marketers most committed to these pillars are achieving more than the average marketer, check out our recently published High Performance Marketing report.