Four things you didn’t know about the BRIC countries

At B2B Marketing we’re putting the finishing touches to our newest best practice guide on marketing to the BRIC countries. While it’s a topic that’s not necessarily relevant to everyone, I for one have found it utterly fascinating and have learned some interesting things along the way.

Here are a few stats about each country that pricked up my ears:

1. There are 89 million internet users in Brazil

That’s just half the population – imagine if everyone was surfing the web!

A number of initiatives have been launched to widen internet access to the population and it should be noted that Brazilians have a huge appetite for mobile content, skipping traditional desktop websites.

2. Russians love videos

Advertisers spent $18 million on video ads on Russian language websites in 2010 and even more in 2011. According to comScore (Video Metrix) 85 per cent of Russia’s internet population consumed a whopping average of 97 videos per person in May 2011.

3. Social networking reigns supreme in India

Social media is the primary driving force of Indians daily digital media consumption with social networking accounting for a whopping one in four minutes spent online.

4. China has a billion mobile phones

If you take into account China’s total population of 1.3 billion, the majority of people have a mobile. What’s more, the number of mobile devices outstrips personal computers making mobile marketing integral to any marketing strategy.

There’s lots more remarkable facts in our upcoming Marketing to the BRIC Countries Best Practice Guide. The report will be available for free to premium members of B2B Marketing, or otherwise can be purchased online for £99 +VAT.