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Four tips that will help you come up with great blog ideas

Creating useful content is very important for businesses. Smart marketers attract a lot of readers and customers by regularly publishing new blogs.

But coming up with good blog ideas can be quite difficult. I have often found myself staring at an empty Word document knowing I should come up with a great idea. How do you leave these moments in the past?

Here are four tips to get started if that writer’s block holds you back from time to time

Carry a notebook
Or a smartphone, tablet, etc. Just be ready to write down every idea that pops into your head.  I often come up with the best ideas when I’m not trying to come up with ideas. Go to your list of ideas once you are in need and you’ll see you have a lot to write about.

Follow the news
You might be able to find inspiration in the newspaper or through other ways of newsgathering. A good idea is to follow some interesting people on Twitter and on other social platforms. It might be interesting to read what people are discussing here. If you write something about questions that keep coming up you’ll very likely have an interesting post that a lot of people will want to read.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help
There is no shame in asking your readers what they like to read. It can also be helpful to look at what other people in your industry are writing. You might be able to expand some of their ideas in your own post.

Keep it simple
Everybody should know by now that everyone loves blog posts that follow a list format (Buzzfeed is a great example). The good thing is that they are very easy to write. Some of these lists could be about: The best..., an overview of..., tips for...

Other formats will include: making predictions, writing a piece about the latest trends and innovations or just simply talking about your own experiences.

How do you come up with your best blog ideas?