This is the future of the CV and managing your personal brand

In 2011, I produced my first infographic CV, it was pretty unique back then and made some waves in the market. An update in 2013 prompted more than 11,500 downloads in just 9 months. Today it’s had more than 67,500 views on my blog and tens of thousands of views on other sites such as

Things move on, technology improves and the way we brand and position ourselves should move on too. Welcome to my new CV. Simply click the image below to open it...

I can now view personalised analytics on who's looking at which pages, how long they are there and how they are engaging with the content. It also provides stats on who's sharing the content and on which social channels. I have the option of integrating with social networks, polling my audience and even getting them to sign up for more information or updates.

Personally, I think this approach could re-shape the recruitment industry, one which has struggled to adopt modern content marketing practices and still relies heavily on Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF's. The infographic was great, but it required specialist skills to produce, I used a blend of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to create mine. This however was produced in just over an hour. From start, to finish.

Does this interactive, engaging format provide a brighter future for the recruitment industry and personal branding? I'd love to hear your thoughts.