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Is the Future of Marketing in the Hands of Short Videos?

Society relies more and more on technology which means marketers are looking for ways to benefit from this. One way a number of big brands have already done this is by adopting video marketing as part of their strategy.

The attention span of people online becomes shorter which means as a brand we need to fill as much information in as possible in a continually shortening time gap. Video, ideally, should last between 30 seconds and 3 minutes to be able to get across the intended message while maintaining the interest of the audience.

According to a study by ComScore in 2012, the average internet user watched around 22 hours of video in one month. That statistic now, is supposed to be much higher than that, especially with the likes of Vine and Instagram introducing short clip videos onto their social networks.

Video in business has grown tremendously over the last few years, with many investing in webinars and live streaming events. Of course, these videos can be a lot longer, but it does show a shift of change towards video online. Marketing will not go entirely down the route of video, but it is showing how powerful it can be and that attracts business owners. are video production specialists who are no strangers to creating short clips for clients and have offered a couple of tips to help businesses to use video as part of their online strategy. They said:

  • Make your videos are short and sweet – Short and sweet is key. If you can get the message across in under 3 minutes, you could be onto a winner.
  • Be creative – If you spend time thinking of creative ideas, you can be sure to pick the best for your business and your customers.
  • Don’t just create one video – A/B split testing is a good way to find out what the people like. Some of your customers might enjoy humour and comedy and others may prefer educational, so try different things.

It is important to remember when creating short videos for our business that you don’t shy away from what is important; the message. A useful, informative and engaging video is crucial and will ensure your customers or potential customers will be able to understand the clip and will be inclined to share it with friends.