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Gazing into my crystal ball!?

While clasping my morning coffee, I came across an interesting comment piece focusing on the growing trends in marketing and the shift towards digital media. I found it amusing that the contributors where predominantly from an 'online' background and, needless to say, the article was a little one sided!

There was however one particular quote - "digital will eventually 'kill-off' traditional print publication and direct mail.", that got my goat. I'm no clairvoyant, but the assumption that online will effectively replace offline marketing communications is in my view way off the mark.

As an online professional naturally I'm biased towards the use of e-Marketing channels, however that isn't to say I'm altogether against offline media. What might not be right for one campaign may be perfect for the next. It's fair to say that current technology allows us to more accurately measure the average email campaign than direct mail, but that isn't to say it's any more or less engaging.

Achieving high response levels time and again requires marketers to correctly assess and determine the right tools for the job. Data, content and creative delivery all play a major part in how successful you are at engaging with the target audience. Disregarding traditional offline media could mean you miss-out on a whole tranche of  key customers. Personally I'm much more for the multi-channel approach!