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Geo-targetted twittering

Measurability and ROI aren’t easy bedfellows with social media marketing. That’s why every tip, trick and tool offering to help rationalise social media activities receives lots of attention and uptake.

The latest of which to have come to my attention (initially via a friend using the service, and then today on a post on tech site Mashable) is TweepsMap, which allows users to find out exactly where in the world their Twitter following is based.

In return for allowing the programme access to your Twitter profile, you receive a map detailing the number of followers you have in each country or city around the world.

There are obvious advantages here for b2b brands planning international social media campaigns.

And there are potential benefits for brands not carrying out international activity, as they may find they have huge unexploited fan bases lurking in far flung regions they have never directly addressed.

Even if you garner little of direct business value from your time on TweepsMap, it is still interesting to gain an idea of who is reading the messages you keep sending out into the digital ether.

And, though we’re not the BBC, it may still be worth stating that there are other services available on the World Wide Web, offering similar segmentation functionality.


What other lesser-known twitter tools have you found that are capable of helping marketers take control of their social media outpourings?