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Get yourself connected

I have been forced back into the dark ages. My Android smartphone broke and Vodafone have forced a dinosaur upon me as a temporary loan phone.

It doesn’t sync with my online contacts or calendar, it doesn’t inform me of received emails, there’s no Google Chat functionality, no touch screen, no Twitter app; not even an app store from which to remedy all these ills.

I’m aware that many people won’t see a problem in any of this.

But for someone that relies on emails and maps and has been known to download updated versions of the phone’s operating system to get more from the device, it is slightly annoying dealing with something whose main assets include ‘camera,’ ‘colour screen’ and its ability to use ‘polyphonic ringtones.’

When I was stabbing the correct date and time into it at lunchtime today I thought it was interesting that it suggested 01/01/06 as the date. The phone is only five or so years old years old but it just shows how far we’ve come in a short space of time.

Anyway, it is going to be interesting to see if the frustration eases as I get used to a more simplistic (cut-off from the real world) existence.

We'll see...