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Getting the Most From Email Marketing

Delivering high-quality content on a regular basis to the right contact within your target market is of course a prerequisite.

It probably comes as no surprise to learn that the number of direct responses and inbound enquiries that email marketing can generate starts to really take off somewhere between the 4th – 6th email campaign.

Use Email Marketing to Build Your Reputation

B2B Marketing is about gaining trust, building reputation and keeping your business name and proposition in front of your target audience so that when they are at the right stage of the purchasing cycle you have already partly established your credibility; sufficiently so that the prospect feels that it’s worth investigating your capability further by making an inbound enquiry to you.

Creating sufficient high-quality email content can of course be challenging. But if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

The use of HTML emails is widely recognised as a key factor in supporting the recognition of your brand to your target audience. The style of the email design will vary, depending on a number of factors. These include:

How Much Content Do You Have Available?

If you have lots of existing content and have the resource to continue to add new content then a Newsletter-style email template will probably work best for your business.

This style enables you to feature more than one article or point of interest within a single email. Simply put, if you have 3 points of potential relevance rather than 1 you are 3 times as likely to hit upon a subject that is relevant and timely to the prospect.

Are You After Inbound Enquired or Click-Throughs?

Naturally the answer to this question is likely to be that over the longer term you would like to generate direct, inbound enquiries. Your objectives and therefore your strategy need to consider the short-medium term as well.

Targeting Inbound Enquiries Limits You to Prospects Who are Ready Right Now

If for example you are using lead generation to meet an immediate tactical need for sales leads the style of your email layout needs to be designed to showcase your sales message(s) quickly and easily.

This style of email marketing can be highly effective. But it is reliant upon the prospect being in the market for your service now and you being able to articulate a sufficiently compelling sales message to elicit a response.

Coming back to content, you cannot resend the same email text every month to prospects that have opened it, so you will need to continually think of different ways for phrasing your sales message otherwise you risk your prospects switching-off to your email marketing altogether.

Click-Throughs Indicate Interest Allowing You to Nurture More Prospects

Often where email marketing is used alongside other channels, such as digital, social and telemarketing the objective isn’t initially to generate inbound enquiries but is more around building brand awareness. This is more likely to be the style that works for businesses who are taking a longer term, strategic approach of engaging and nurturing their prospects.

Where integrated email, digital and telemarketing does have its advantages is that the telemarketing will generate more Leads if the calls are targeted at click-throughs. These prospects have shown significant interest to want to continue along the prospect engagement cycle and will lead to warmer conversations.

Is the Email Content Also Posted on Your Website?

Linked to whether you are initially targeting a direct response or click-through, if you have the content or articles(s) posted on your website it allows you to adopt a style of email layout that entices the prospect to visit your website.

Use Teaser Information to Drive Prospects to Your Website

For example, if your email content has ‘5 Tips to Help You X…’ if you include all 5 Tips in full within the email the prospect has no reason to now click through to your website. The email text will probably also be quite long!

However, if you put some teaser information about the first 1 or 2 Tips it entices the prospect to click on the link to read more or read the full article. Driving prospects to your website is really powerful as it starts to build brand awareness and engagement with your business.

This article first appeared on the Beanstalk Marketing blog