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Getting Video right for B2B Marketing


In a benchmark report on B2B video marketing, it found that 82% of marketers report success with video marketing initiatives and that for 63%, video spending is on the rise. * 

In a benchmark report, it found that 82% of marketers report success with B2B video marketing initiatives and that for 63%, video spending is on the rise. *

So, how can it best be used to nurture and grow customers and how can you ensure that all video content you create makes an impact and delivers accountable and measurable ROI?

5 top tips for video marketing:

  1. Aim to tell strong stories. With multiple screens and increased demands on people’s time and attention, you need to ensure that your videos engage.
  2. Fulfil the needs of your target audience by producing content which you know will be relevant to them. Be prepared to create more ‘niche’ video content for certain audiences, as well as specific content to addresses customers’ needs according to the stage of the sales process they’re at.
  3. End your videos with a clear, single call to action and easy follow on signposting, so your audience know exactly what you want them to do post viewing. For example - sign up to our newsletter by clicking here.
  4. If you’ve invested time and budget producing video, ensure that it’s easily discoverable. Put in place good video SEO, optimising key words, terms and phrases so your potential audience can find your content when they’re searching online.
  5. Develop a cross platform strategy for the delivery of your videos for B2B inbound marketing. Within this, understand the benefits youtube can offer. As the second most visited destination for business-related searches after google, the impact your business videos can have here cannot be underrated.


5 do’s and don’ts of video marketing for b2b marketers:


  1. Do understand that video is an emotional engager and best used to create empathy and evoke feelings in people.
  2. Don’t try to say everything about your product or service within your video (s). Video makes most impact when it simply and creatively conveys streamlined messaging. Pack your videos too full of information and you risk them simply becoming visual powerpoint presentations.
  3. Do invest in creating quality videos. Any content you produce reflects your brand and if done well, adds credibility. 
  4. Don’t try to be something you’re not via video. Stay true to your brand and make sure that all your messaging is authentic.
  5. Do use your videos as a means of creating a relationship with customers. Consider interactivity, either within the videos themselves or via surveys or buttons on your landing page.


*B2B Video Marketing Benchmark Survey, Demand Metric and Ascend2, 2014