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Go To Market: Do You Believe What We Believe?

Getting a product or service from its point of origin and into the hands of consumers is a multi-step process, involving all sorts of decision makers and influencers along the way. To achieve success, sales people, distributors, retailers, in-store staff and media editors all need to be aligned. Once all this is in place, the consumer of course needs to be drawn into the equation.

What unites all these diverse decision makers is that they are all human. 

We believe people change the way the behave when they see - and appreciate - the meaning of what they are doing. As an emotive brand goes to market, it works hard to make its Emotive Core relevant to each of the people along the value chain. Meaning doesn't replace the core interests of people in the value to chain (that is, to make money through the process), rather it simply lifts up and differentiates what would otherwise be a generic transaction.

The goal is to create a higher level connection to the all the go-to-market people vital to your success, so that great sales people want to work for your brand, distributors and retailers fight for your business, in-store staff sell your brand with conviction, media editors promote your story and consumers flock to buy your product or service again and again.

We believe emotive branding turns the business of going to market on its head by bringing meaning to the forefront.

What do you believe?