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Google+ for Business

So whilst I was writing for the Base One Blog my mind started wandering and I started to see the house Google could build upon their modest, but structurally sound foundations of Google+.

In my other post, I discussed the possibility of merging Facebook and Twitter activities into Google+ through the use of ‘circles.’ If my visions become a reality then this would see companies having to add Google+ to their social media activities alongside Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. It is also very possible that of the three, Google+ will become the priority with Facebook and Twitter taking a back-seat.

Many will say, “I’ve looked at Google+ and it just seems like a basic version of Facebook.” You would not be wrong, on the face of it Google+ currently has similar functionality to Facebook, in a seemingly stripped down fashion. Where I believe Google+ can steal a march on its competitors is through its ‘circles’ (see my Base One Blog post for a more insightful look into ‘circles’)

As a representative of your company you will have the freedom to build circles of peers, potential leads and networking opportunities. This will allow you to engage with these audiences, in a social environment with the right voice due to the segmentation of ‘circles’.

There are also the chat, hangout and huddle options which open dialogue between users or circles. There are various possibilities for these, including project meetings, roundtables, conference calls and with a little development possibly even webinars. All within the Google+ interface which will allow for a whole host of social and sharing options whilst the above interactions are taking place.

Also, there are the effects on your website to consider. For a long time, Google have tried to incorporate user opinion into their algorithm’s to decide upon ranking. If everyday users embrace Google+, interacting with them and encouraging +1’s could become a fundamental tactic for website & content promotion.

Once Google+ is released to the masses, it could quite possibly be the innovative uses that companies and individuals come up with for the platform, that drive its development. Not that for a second I think Google have underestimated the scope and potential of Google+.