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Google Wants Quality And So Does Your Customers

As online businesses try to recover from Google’s most recent algorithm update, it is being made more apparent that quality is key.

The high importance of quality content is something echoed throughout every webinar, whitepaper and exhibition about online marketing and the latest Panda update has made sure that those companies using “thin content” is found and punished.

For some websites, having 300 odd words per page is simply not enough. Having a selection of multimedia across the most important pages will bolster the overall ‘quality score’ of content across the website, which is great for Google. But, what’s equally as important is that the customers have more information to absorb and engage with.

Video is one of these platforms and can be extremely useful to the customer. According to Hub.TV, 86% of brands online are now planning to add video to their websites. Video is a good way to use visuals to capture the audience, whereas text can often tell the story. Having both on the website can be a great way to hold the attention of any potential customers, which can in turn, help to improve rankings through time spent on site.

A lot of your time could be spent trying to make sure your website is geared up for Google, but you need to think of human’s too and not just robots. Make each page tailored to your intended audience, not Google bots, to ensure the right people are understanding your message and buying your products.

You will continue to hear that content is king but quality is definitely the prince. Together, content and quality are two important aspects of search engine optimisation that should be given some in-depth attention.