Graduation 2015: Welcoming The Next Generation of B2B Marketers

This summer welcomes thousands of eager new jobseekers into the workforce, as UK Universities celebrate their new BA and MA graduates. Within the marketing industry overall, this fresh talent is particularly encouraged, making up 33% of new recruitments of the UK’s leading employers this year, according to figures from High Fliers’ latest research. So what can we expect from this year’s new intake into the industry, particularly for B2B marketing?

Technical Expertise

They might not necessarily have all the hands-on skills to begin with, but a graduate fresh from three or four years of academic study of marketing is going to know all about the technical side of business. They will have spent weeks assessing the benefits and drawbacks of all different technology, programmes, as well as theoretical business strategies and transforming these into coherent and persuasive essays and presentations; so they will know their stuff. Having read enough case studies, they will have a decent idea of what works, what doesn’t, and what’s coming up in B2B marketing - so trust them. Additionally, they are more likely to be familiar with the latest technical innovations and digital trends for consumers than some of your present team, and a well-oiled machine needs all the parts to work.

Willingness to Learn

A graduate fresh from university is accustomed to learning new skills, developing original ideas, and critically observing work in progress. With that in mind, the marketing graduates of 2015 are going to be on their toes at all times and soak up all the new knowledge to which they are exposed. And with graduate jobs becoming increasingly competitive, any graduate who is hired will be giving their all to their work, and willing to accept constructive criticism and improve their content and skills. If you find that a graduate is excelling at their work, support them to undertake further study - this can be anything from inviting them to industry seminars, encouraging them to apply for professional development courses, or allowing them the hours to undertake postgraduate study.

Fresh Experience

Since the rise in tuition fees in the UK in 2012, Universities have been working hard to up their game and emphasise the focus on employability for their students. For many marketing courses, this means that work placements have been made imperative, with students connecting with local businesses to shadow a colleague and perform some basic duties themselves over the course of a term - you may even have assisted with this. What this means for you as a graduate recruiter is that you are building a team of fresh talent, excited to get going and do some real work within the industry - while understanding the dos and don’ts of business. Additionally, fresh graduates, especially those involved in extracurricular activities, are likely to already possess the top skills needed by marketers today; including being social media savvy, understanding of the digital user experience, and a high standard of data analysis skills.