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Great questions - what's the answer, and why?


Well, I just took this B2B marketing survey and found this question, which made me stop ... Here it is (apologies for the layout):


Would you generally agree or disagree with the following statements?

Please select one answer for each statement

(an answer is either: Agree or Disagree, or "I dont know")

DisagreeAgreeI don't know
1. Social media is of little relevance to B2B organisations

2. Social media is of little relevance to my organisation

I am genuinely interested to see what the response to the 1st question is, perhaps more so than the second one.  But they are both incredibly telling and the survey is to be applauded for putting such core questions in it.  I know the instinctive reaction is predictable, but what is the right reaction?

And the only change I would make, is to add a comment box to capture the next critical question... "Please tell us why?"