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Guide To Optimise Your Business Videos to Boost Marketing

Online video sharing website YouTube is the leading firm in the market for video marketing. The video hosting site is the second most popular search engine after Google which means it has power to boost your marketing efforts. It is a top platform to increase your revenues by boosting your presence online; so here is a guide to optimise your videos to make the most from your YouTube clips.

Titles & Descriptions

On-page elements of regular web sites are important for search engine optimisation purposes and this is true with the title and descriptions on a YouTube video. By including keywords in the description field you can improve several of the keywords you are targeting on your own site as well as the video. Add a URL of your site in the video so that you can promote your business to audiences worldwide as well as help SEO.


By sharing the content you have posted on YouTube onto your own site, this can greatly increase the video’s potential reach. Simply click ‘share’ on the YouTube video and find the embed code and publish this on your own site, in a blog post for example. It links your audience to your YouTube account and vice versa, therefore reaching more consumers and cross-promoting your digital media.

Get more views

You can increase the number of views of your video through various methods.

- Promoted; this is YouTube’s pay-per-click platform and it is low risk because you are only charged for the views you receive so even if it fails and achieves no results, it won’t come at a cost.

- Social Media networking; build up a community and by adding friends, interacting with them and commenting on their videos. By appearing more personal rather than commercial, you seem more human-friendly and therefore consumers are more likely to watch your video.

- Video responses; by posting video responses to popular, relevant content it is a great way to entice new viewers to watch the clip. They may watch your video because it is similar and it is brilliant to generate a large amount of authoritative links, like the online marketing technique linkbuilding.

Suffered a flop? Pick yourself back up

They often say that what is hard in life makes us stronger and this has to be said here! If your video does flop, learn from your mistakes and do it bigger and better next time. YouTube’s analytics solutions are insightful in that they let you know what works so you can use this advice for your next online video campaign.

This is a great way to improve your expertise and skills and the sooner you learn the faster your success rate will arise. Alternatively, Raven Tools is another paid service but this tool allows you to track views by video and channel, as well as umber of comments and how many people have clicked ‘favourite’.

Further tips include;

- Duration; keep it short. Mini clips have much higher success as opposed to ten minute videos so if you do have a lengthier clip split it into two short videos.

- Professionalism; first impressions count so when promoting your brand online ensure that you appear expert rather than amateur. There are specialist video production companies that can help and because they have a wealth of experience and quality products they can make sure that you present your brand appropriately. You can benefit  from their state-of-the-art equipment and skilled voiceovers.

This post was written by Vidify; the leading online video agency for businesses across the UK.