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Hands tied behind the back Marketing

What do you do when you’re not allowed to undertake proactive, direct methods to sell to a target audience?
Direct Mail, email and telemarketing are our standard stock in trade when wanting to generate leads and sales opportunities.

This came up recently for a customer of ours wanting to sell into the NHS.

Now I wish I could say that I came up with the solution myself but on this occasion the client came up with the solution (my only excuse is the solution was found before I knew the problem existed so no, I am not losing my touch!)

The basic strategy was to produce a large information repository on the web with multiple downloadable documents. The information was geared around anything that an NHS manager might need in order to effectively plan and implement a project that involved our clients products and services.

The types of information involved were everything from relevant case studies to NHS best practice guidelines and initiatives. Helpful tips and useful samples of relevant specs were included.

The client’s products and brand were secondary and only available if visitors chose to navigate to them.

And did it work…………….?

Within days the site had soared up the relevant Google rankings and now sits nicely in the top three of page one.

With hundreds of unique visitors spending significant amounts of time on the site it has so far exceeded all expectations.

And yes, the enquiries have been steadily increasing and suffice it to say the exercise has achieved an ROI that has put a smile on even the FD’s face.

I wonder if the client who told me he is “not going to do any more marketing until sales pick up” reads this blog…………………

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