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Hard-Up Brits Become Online B2B Business Entrepreneurs

A massive 50% of Brit’s are planning to set up a second business from the comfort of their home to make extra cash, according to a recent survey. Findings by Onepoll show that many Britons are looking for other ways to make ends meet and the study revealed that they are turning to the web to survive the credit crunch.

Out of 1,000 UK employed adults surveyed it found that four out of 10 of the country’s working population have become entrepreneurs to make more money.

During such a difficult economic climate, many cash-strapped Brits are embracing online skills to keep their head out of debts and people are being forced to adopt a ‘sink or swim’ attitude to avoid arrears. It is no longer enough to sell unwanted items at a car boot sale and now people are setting up a business on the side.

According to the study, it is the middle class who are suffering the biggest strain as they struggle to keep up with loan and mortgage payments and credit card bills. The internet can help you make extra cash and various companies can help you make the most from your new website to make sure that it is enhanced to its capacity to reap the benefits of revenue.

A top tip is to hire the services of a digital agency. If your website is search engine optimisation friendly it will boost your rankings in Google and improve the traffic bringing you more enquiries. If the site is conversion friendly and has great content it will ensure that when other Brits land on your site they stay there and purchase your side-line products or services. Other tools include social media marketing, branding and viral videos.

An online marketing firm can also help you from the very beginning to ensure that it is optimised to be mobile friendly and they can help you in the initial design. Make the most of the online platform and benefit from the many advantages it offers by boosting your sales.

If you have turned entrepreneur to make ends meet in the current climate then employ the services of other B2B companies to achieve success. Who knows- the project make become so fruitful that you decide to go self-employed and make it the sole income!

This post was written by Custard Media; a leading UK digital media agency specialising in
innovative online marketing strategies.