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However, as clichéd as it may sound, it is the team’s co-ordination that really differentiates a good brand from a great one. 

The quest for good staff is never-ending and is made only more difficult by trying to retain them. Today, much of the young talent is lured by more than just the promise of a big pay packet. Opportunity, career progression and the promise of recognition are high on the tick list for prospective employees. This millennial generation is eager to learn and perform at the highest level; they want to create great campaigns and compete with peers, not an ‘also ran’ that crashes and burns. 

Sharing best practice 

Marketing agencies must do more to keep hold of talent or risk losing out to the competition. With the best and the brightest wanting to work and learn from leading brands, today’s recruits are often very fickle. Therefore, it is important to quickly learn how to keep hold and entice these future award-winning marketeers, that will differentiate your brand. 

In the digital age, upcoming talent has grown up with social media, ecommerce, search engines and other online platforms. Before entering the workplace, young creatives have been collaborating and conversing online. To truly harness the full potential of this workforce, agencies and companies alike need to change the working environment and adopt new processes and teaching methods. 

Traditionally, marketers who have been in the agency for some years pass down experience and help manage newer recruits through training and development processes. Nowadays, this ‘digitally trained blood’ is IT literate and already possesses skills that appeal to an evolving industry. They require more stimulation and respond far better to e-learning, such as online portals and virtual instructor led training (VILT). 

This emphasises the role technology is having on improving internal education and the flow of information in the workplace. 

Only companies with systems that support fluid information sharing allure the best talent and train staff more efficiently. A unified system, adopted across the entire business, gives employees real-time and remote access to marketing assets. But more importantly the wealth of knowledge trapped in multiple systems and in the heads of internal thought leaders. 

Here at Screendragon, our products streamline workflow processes and promote the rapid flow of information, ideas and knowhow, safely and securely. The cloud-based software allows businesses to teach people and share best practices, globally. Talent can access the software on any device; speeding up internal training and education in the workplace, but as importantly, showcase the opportunities. 

With our Lean approach, new staff progress through learning processes in a secure environment. Our products give users access to information relevant to them at that point in time and only that information (we call it “Just in Time Learning”). This protects employees from getting lost in the complexity of internal infrastructure and focus on what is relevant to equip them to do their job.