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Have a merry merry ....

I actually wrote this blog last year but was persuaded by my business partner, to just leave it. Now we are having exactly the same conversations, internally as well as with clients and I cannot be silenced anymore.

What is wrong with Happy Christmas?

My business partner says, “No, it’s Season’s Greetings, we don’t want to offend anyone.”

Who are we going to offend?

So the question is - would anyone be offended if a company card said “Have a Merry Christmas”? We are wishing good will to all. Every shop we walk past from as early as October is displaying ‘Happy Christmas’ and Coke will bring out Santa in his big red truck to the theme of “Holidays are coming” but these messages don’t seem to generate the same debate as in B2B.

Our office in New York has no option, the words Happy Christmas are already alien to corporate communications in the States, but is that now true of the UK?

I have never been offended by any religious celebration as I see it as just that, someone celebrating something they believe in. Are we still trying to convert the few remaining roman pagans if we send out a Christmas message?

I know when we start working on client e-cards there will be a number of different messages that people will be using, but is it all a little too PC? If, as a UK company, you want to say Happy Christmas, to say thank you and nothing but goodwill, should anyone be offended?

I welcome your thoughts and comments as this is now the forum that will decide whether Concep get to wish you all a “Happy Christmas” or “Seasons Greetings”.