Have you ever wondered how far behind your MA game is?

How often do you think about all the opportunities you might be missing with your marketing automation (MA) platform? With every day that goes by, how much money are you wasting by using it as an expensive email marketing solution? Think about all that untapped potential. It's like using the latest iPhone to just text and make calls. 

It's quite clear that B2B marketers far and wide are only using a fraction of the functionality available to them in their MA platform - our MA Benchmarking Report last year proved it, with just 36 per cent of marketers using more than 50 per cent of the features within their MA system.

So, how can you make sure your MA system is delivering for you and the business? By taking part in our new project you'll be able to find out what the most sophisticated users of MA are doing, and how you can become an expert and join them. 

In the B2B MA Sophistication Index we'll detail the key stages of MA sophistication – ranging from basic to expert users – and explain what you can do to match those who are pushing the limits of MA and using it to transform their marketing efforts.

Join the project now to make sure you're among the first to receive the final report, enabling you to take the right steps to take your MA to the next level.