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Help us highlight the proof of what works in B2B marketing

The Evidence report is our contribution to the perennial clamour for proof of what works in B2B marketing. First launched earlier this year, this report utilises real life examples from shortlisted B2B Awards campaigns to answer the most compelling questions facing B2B marketers – things like what does best practice in marketing and sales integration look like? And how do you find the correct balance between demand generation and brand development?

Now we’re looking for expert B2B marketing commentators to help us write the Evidence 2014 report. You’ll need to have a firm grasp of the topic area that you’ll be writing about, and be to write a 3000-word analysis of the shortlisted entries in a particular awards category highlighting the key trends and explaining what drove success.

You will also be invited to attend our Evidence event (taking place in March – more details to follow) where some of the trends identified will be explored in more detail, and may even be asked to speak.

Would you like to nominate yourself as an author? Please email me the deadline for nominations is Friday November 22nd.

Here’s a full list of the chapters in the Evidence Report 2014.
1. How can I best use multichannel marketing?
2. What does best practice in thought leadership look like? (Commissioned)
3. How do you maximise commercial returns for your B2B marketing? (Commissioned)
4. How best to target corporate decision makers? (Commissioned)
5. How best can you communicate your brand internally? (Commissioned)
6. How best to build a dynamic and effective B2B marketing team? (Commissioned)
7. How do you maximise your effectiveness with a very limited budget?
8. What does sales and marketing alignment look like in practice? (Commissioned)
9. How do I know if marketing is working? Which data and metrics should I use? (Commissioned)
10. What skills do marketers need to be truly effective in 2014? (Commissioned)

What are we looking for from an author?
• Someone with credentials as an expert in B2B marketing – ideally in the topic/chapter in question.
• Someone with credentials as a writer.
• Someone objective and impartial