Helping Your Employees Get to Grips With Cloud Technology

It’s easy to forget that many employees simply don’t understand the concept of cloud computing, and they may not fully understand the benefits it can bring. Whether you’re already working in the cloud or about to invest in cloud technology with Dell, your staff may need some support to change their mind-set and embrace an exciting new way of working.


How Your Employees See Cloud Technology


Let’s start right at the beginning. The word ‘cloud’ might be enough to baffle non-technical users, and many employees will inevitably glaze over at the mere mention of a technical buzzword. Even the definition of cloud computing ‘for Dummies’ isn’t particularly easy for a non-technical user to understand.


The best way of explaining the cloud is to stress that your users don’t need to know about it at all. They don’t need to understand how you’re using Dell server virtualization (, when you’ll be deploying your hybrid cloud or how you’ve chosen to implement desktop-as-a-service (DaaS). They simply need to know the benefits of the cloud:


  • Their data is accessible over the internet, so they can log on and use it anywhere.
  • They can use their preferred device, such as their own smartphone or tablet, to access information at work.
  • Collaboration is easier, since everyone’s files are pooled on a network storage device.
  • Everything - even their computer desktop - is freed from the confines of their desk.


Prompting a Culture Change


In offices up and down the country, users are comfortable with a particular way of working and have developed their own workarounds. Often, it’s difficult to understand a solution if you are not even aware that a problem exists. For example, if business data is not available remotely, users will invent a workaround such as emailing a file to themselves. They may not be aware of any alternative.


In return for an investment in training, your business will benefit from the increase in efficiency and productivity boost that the cloud can offer. And the speed of culture change may surprise you. Once users realise that they are less reliant on your IT service desk, and less plagued with challenges, they will enjoy the freedom and flexibility the cloud can bring to their own daily routines.


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