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Hey Guy's... Remember Canada?

Canada… We remember an age of sales & marketing when a company director in Canada could be contacted directly. An age where new business deals were frequently generated via this method. A simple case of picking up the phone and establishing a need…

Then came the new Canadian data laws and the right to contact Canadian buyers was removed… except for those who ‘opted in’.

O.K.… for many European based companies the impact was minimal… but let’s imagine that Canada was Europe. That is the reality in 2 years’ time when the EU data regulation (EUDR) becomes law.

Opt-in is far more complex than many companies realise. We know the industry average for email blast opens to non-subscribed recipients is around 10%... It’s then likely that an email blast to your database contacts (requesting them to opt-in to your marketing communications) will only be accepted by 10%.

So if your database originally held 100,000 potential client details, after the EUDR opt in clause this pool will drop to a disturbing 10,000.

If you received a generic email from a company whose brand you didn’t recognise, requesting the right to send you marketing communications would you opt-in?

You would?

Then you’re part of a small minority.

Opt-in tick boxes on web pages are generating on average a 0.5% success rate.

What if you received a phone call and discussed the types of communication that you want to receive?
How about the person you spoke with understood your needs and engaged with you?

Might you opt-in then?

In a recent telemarketing campaign for a global Tech company, we found the opt-in rate for future marketing communications jumped to 15%.

Human interaction works. Opt in over the phone works. A tick box on your company’s website is free of charge, but in a situation that could undoubtedly result in your company losing the ability to communicate with 90% of its data it’s not about what’s free… it’s about what works.

Only 20% of companies are using the phone to gain opt-in. In 2 years’ time the other 80% may face the loss of 90% of their data…

Companies need to begin opt-in now or risk opting out of new business development altogether.

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*Source: SCi Sales Group, 2014.