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Ho-ho-ho – Christmas fun and frolics from B2B Marketing

It’s the last week before Christmas, and across the western world those marketers who are unlucky enough to still be at work are trying to stay focused on their work, not getting too distracted by the seasonal festivities.

Marketing agencies and services providers, however, have other ideas, and are typically bombarding existing and prospective clients (not to say journalists) with increasingly wacky digital festive messages in the hope of getting some Christmas cut-through. These include games, giveaways and just old fashioned cool-stuff.

In the spirit of encouraging best practice, here’s a list of my favourites from this year – well done to all those agencies who created them, and thanks from all of us here, for making the long run in to the Christmas break just that little bit more fun.

Direction Group is offering the chance to win a hamper for the best decorated gingerbread man.

Food is a popular theme, and a number of agencies and suppliers are offering the chance to also win a hamper by playing the Fat Santa game. However, we heard it first from Elliot Young, so they get the credit.

It’s the elves, rather than Santa, who are the focus of Marketscan’s ‘Candy Crazy’ game – there’s no prize, apart from the joy of shooting the little green blighters.

The good people at Gravity really wen to town with the Bauble Bash game, which is a little more complex, but hey, there’s an iPad to be won, and you don’t get that for nothing, so concentrate, okay?

Serendipity2, meanwhile, aren’t asking you to compete, they just want to share the love with their festive scene.

And finally, TDA have hidden a festive robin somewhere on their website, and there’s a hamper on offer for the person who finds it.

If that doesn’t make you feel festive, I really don’t know what will. Happy New Year!