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How to Add Value to Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email inboxes are flooded with incoming messages every day. From opt-in marketing campaigns, newsletter subscriptions and more regular communications, it’s easy for your business’s message to get lost in the crowd. Email marketing campaigns are standard for many B2B marketers, but it’s important

Segment Your Audience

You have an email database in place. Segment your audience to send out targeted emails that provide the right information to the right people. Someone who provided their email when asking a question about a particular product line won’t want the same information as someone who downloaded a specific white paper about another service. Here are steps to take to segment your audience:

  • Take time looking over what enticed someone to subscribe to your emails in the first place. Did they make a purchase, download a white paper or subscribe to a newsletter for the discounts?
  • Focus on the demographics of your audience. The same email will evoke different responses from someone in their early or mid-20’s and someone in their 40’s.

Start With the Subject

Make sure your subject line interesting. As a business owner or potential partner scans their inbox, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. Create a powerful subject line so that the time invested in your email marketing campaigns is worth it. Make sure your subject line is relevant to whoever is receiving it and that they see there is value for their business within that email. Here are three ways you can create an interesting subject line:

  • Create curiosity. An element of mystery could encourage the reader to keep reading. However, make sure you provide enough information so that the reader understands the topic at the very least.
  • Alleviate pains. If there is a common problem this segment of your audience is facing, let them know in the subject line that your business has found a way to help.
  • Promote the benefits. Will they get a 10% off coupon on your software by opening the email, or maybe a free trial? Include the information in your subject line to directly display the benefits for this customer.

Content is King

No one wants to see a sales pitch immediately after opening an email. Make sure your email contains more than a call to action and truly connects with your reader. Don't try to disguise helpful tips as sales letters! You need to add real value so that your prospect will be eagerly anticipating your emails and you begin to see the ROI headed up and to the right.

  • Provide tips. If you’re a fashion site, share fashion tips. If you’re in software, share a trick or interesting feature. Tips on best practices, ways to improve and the like add value to your email messages.
  • Feature customers. Truly show off the businesses that have been successful with your product or service. Share their background, story and send out the email to businesses in similar industries or situations. You’re providing information while showcasing your product without a pitch.
  • Run a contest or offer a discount. Businesses almost always find value in saving money. A contest, coupon or discount is great way to encourage email engagement and purchases.
  • Get a guide going. Guides do well as blog posts. Feature the first part of a guide in your email and the second on your site. Not only will a guide add value to the reader, you’ll see a bump in traffic from email campaigns.

While these are a just a few of the possibilities, it’s clear that a successful email marketing message is interesting, relevant and adds immediate value to the person or business receiving it. Whether you’re running a follow-up to a lead or promoting an event, make sure your e-mail marketing campaign adds value to your targeted, potential customer now.


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