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How to Attract B2B Visitors to Your Trade Show Stand

Attending a trade show is easy. The hard part is actually making the experience work for you by attracting people over to your trade show booth. So what steps can you take the make the process easier and to gain the attention that your company needs over the competition? Continue reading for a few tips that you can implement at your next event for some great results.

Take the Time to Design a Really Great Booth

One of the first things you need to do is actually take the time to create a booth that's clean, attractive, and exemplifies what your brand is all about. In this way, people will be attracted to it and enticed to learn what you are all about. The key is to work with an exhibition stand design company so that you can get the booth that will really stand out against all of the competition that surrounds you. The more professional your booth appears, the more people will take you seriously.

Have Freebies Available to Hand Out to People

People who attend trade shows want a few freebies that they can take home with them. Not only do freebies and samples provide them with a better idea of what you can offer them, but they are also a good way to remind potential customers about your company after they have returned home and are going through their bag of goodies from the event.

Just make sure that you don't attract people who are merely interested in grabbing the freebie and walking away. Carefully choose the freebie that you will hand out, making sure that it will appeal to your most relevant buyers. You can even have a giveaway for a useful prize to attract people and get their contact information in the process.

Keep Visitors Engaged with Videos

Record a high quality video that you can show to visitors who come over to your booth. In this way, you can keep them engaged by giving them more information, in an entertaining way, about what you do and what your company has to offer. At the end of the video, add a quick and easy call to action encouraging visitors to, for example, take one of your leaflets or scan a QR code to join your email list.

Engage in Conversation with Passersby

As people pass by your booth, entice them to talk to you by asking the right questions. For example, you don't want to ask them if they are looking for something. Instead, you should be asking them how they are currently dealing with an issue that your product or service solves. In this way, you can engage them right away with an open-ended question that gets them thinking about how your business can help them.

With these tips and strategies in mind, your next trade show should be a success. Remember to always follow up with whatever contacts you make at your trade show. After all, the connection doesn't end at the booth; rather, it only begins there.