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How to Brand Your Company Successfully

Quite simply, a strong brand is vital, as the struggle for customers’ attention continues to heat up; it’s a fundamental piece of the marketing puzzle and one that is crucial to nail from the beginning.

Sounds easy, huh?

To successfully brand your business, then, you must be cognisant of the wants and needs of your customers and be ready to infiltrate hearts and minds in an attempt to influence buying decisions.

But how?

By reading our advice below and implementing the elements that every good brand requires to provide folk with everything they need to know about your company.

Regardless of the type of business you’re running, it’s important to get your branding spot on.

Whether you’re an IT consultant fleecing rich technophobes or a kitchen deep cleaning company dealing with endless grime, your brand is there to help customers identify your goods and services and distinguish your business from its competitors.

In addition, it’s important that your brand delivers the business message clearly, credibly and emotionally, and satisfies customers that your Company will offer them the satisfaction they so clearly crave.



Contrary to popular opinion, your brand name doesn’t necessarily need to be your company name. However, the name should either assist the customer in identifying what it is your business offers, or be so memorable and unique that it sticks in customers’ minds.


When it comes to branding a cleaning business, if you’re targeting individuals rather than other businesses, soft colours may be useful when you consider your demographic. However, it’s more important to ensure your brand image is consistent throughout your website and literature.


Your brand’s tagline should be as succinct as possible, offering an opportunity for you to differentiate from your competitors and leave your customers with a short, snappy and memorable line that reflects the personality of your brand.


Don’t be tempted to muck around with the font, as this is likely to confuse and drive back your customers. As a rule of thumb, ensure the font can be read easily, especially at a distance. Additionally, when the time comes to design a logo, make sure its tagline’s font is markedly different.


It may sound obvious, but if you’re branding a cleaning company, it would perhaps be considered unusual to have a doughnut, for example, as your imagery. As a result, although everyone likes doughnuts, make sure the image you choose is representative of your service and doesn’t alienate your target audience.