How to build a creative a workplace for your marketing team

The job of your marketing team is becoming increasingly difficult. Not only are they met with the challenges of competing in the over-saturated SEO world, but with today’s viral content dominating the Internet, they have to really think creatively to get even the tiniest bit of attention – and that’s not to mention the increasing difficulties of “physical” marketing. Whether you run a quirky tech startup or a corporate law firm, creative thinking is a necessity, and if you and your employees don’t have the workspace to encourage the imagination, your business will struggle.

These tips will help you turn your boring conventional office space into a catalyst for creativity.

Fire Up Your Staff

Every morning before you get down to work fire up your staff with an inspiring reading . Yes, this is cheesy, but it works! Recite a quote or two from your favourite businessmen or philosophers. If you’d prefer something more visual then a motivational Tony Robbins video will do the trick. Taking five minutes out of your morning for some staff development could be a great way to get everyone’s creative juices flowing.

Turn Up the Music

Granted, music is a distraction for some, but to others it can be the perfect catalyst for creative thinking. Music could really help your marketing team get into the mind-set of the consumer as it can be expressive of certain stereotypes. If your marketing team requires an idea with a broad client base, consider switching on something soft and instrumental – Ludovico Einaudi or Stan Richardson perhaps?

Jazz Up Your Office Furniture

There’s a reason why so many people want to work at Valve and Google; it’s because their offices just look so damn cool! You probably can’t do much to the physical structure of your office, so try adding a few pieces of unconventional furniture to give it more of a creative vibe. If you don’t have the money to buy new things, consider renting a modern serviced office instead. According to Skyline Offices, due to the heavy competition among city-based operators who are trying to stay ahead of the game, serviced offices are often furnished to match the latest trends and technical innovations.

Add Some Colour

Adding a bit of colour to your workspace can give it a little more energy. Although too many bold colours can become overbearing, neutrals are quite simply plain and boring. Use the 60-30-10 rule as a guide; 60% primary (neutral), 30% secondary and 10% accent (bold). Adding a few bold cushions and candles could be enough to provide that precious 10% and change the entire vibe of the space.

Encourage Diversity

Forbes Magazine recommends putting together a team of people who all have diverse backgrounds, ages, passions and capabilities. Having a diverse marketing team will inspire ideas that a non-diverse group would have never considered. This goes hand-in-hand with passion for the business. Regardless of everyone’s personal approach make sure they’re all in it for the long haul and passionate about learning from each other..

Sometimes no matter what you do inside the office, ideas simply won’t flow. You can’t manufacture creativity so don’t be afraid to let your workers venture outside and try to get into the mindset of your target audience. A good marketer will always be thinking, even when they’re not on the clock.