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How can advertisers take advantage of mobile video advertising to reach the “always on “audience?

According to the IAB, mobile and video are the growth engines behind the rise of online advertising, with video ads rising 55.7 per cent year-on-year. Online video content has become increasingly popular due to faster Internet access and the rise of smart devices. Consequently, surfers are spending more time viewing videos online rather than on traditional TV because they get to choose what, when and over which medium to consume content.

While not surprising, this change in consumer behaviour is prompting a further migration of TV ad budgets to online media, including mobile. Fast rising in popularity among advertisers are video ads – another format in display advertising – that extends spot advertising on TV on to desktop, mobile and tablets. So brands now have another way of engaging consumers on mobile with video ‘experiences’ - that reach beyond traditional media.

The main advantage here is that advertisers can target specific surfers. How can advertisers take advantage of mobile video advertising as a way to reach the ‘always on’ constantly connected consumers?  

Make it visual and impactful

After 72 hours the average person will remember 10% of text, 65% of an image, and 95% of a video - a clear indicator of why the internet is moving away from its text-based roots. You don’t need a big budget, just a good story and clear association with your brand.

Use the right form of content

Longform video pulls the reader into the story and entertains, while short and impactful video imprints itself into readers’ memories through shock or astonishment. Both of these video types can have be interactive, acting as a portal to the brand’s website for example. But what each form has in common is an alignment with the brand’s campaign objectives. The cycle of popularity for video is generally short-lived. 25% of all shares from online video come within the first three days, so it’s essential to maximise this – whether it’s with extra budget for amplification or something to bear in mind with the analytics of the campaign. Ultimately, the impact will be made within the first few days. Each share on social media is someone telling someone else about your brand- an invaluable trustworthy recommendation. In a Nielson online global consumer survey 78% would trust recommendations from other consumers.

People have choice, so invite them to choose you

By making your video interactive, or simply including a snapshot of something relevant to your audience via an incentive- e.g. a competition- then readers will actively choose to watch your video. The engagement factor here is crucial. Rather than passively listening to broadcast advertising, technology invites the audience to actively engage with the brand.


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