How to create a brand community using social media

Jessica McGreal reveals how to use social to bring your customers together

Creating a community around your brand is something the majority of B2B companies are striving for, but struggling to achieve. A social community not only means a brand engaging with customers, but creating a place where customers can interact too.

So, how is this really done? Well, here are three simple ways to bring your customers together:

Host online events

There are a range of ways you can bring customers from across the world together on social. Simple things like monthly webinars, which include Q&As where individuals can interact, as well as LinkedIn discussions and Twitter chats or polls are quick wins. 

Social listening

It’s now essential marketers put an end to broadcasting updates and focus on listening to what customers are actually saying. This means listening in on live conversations and adding any value where you can. This shouldn’t just include interacting with those talking about your brand but topics associated with it.

To do this, create Twitter lists or use a social analytics platform to track previous conversations with followers in order to strengthen those relationships.

Ask them to contribute

Do you run your own company blog? Why not ask for contributions? This is a great way for your customers to feel involved in the brand, while generating extra content. Establish what you want from the platform by creating clear blogging guidelines that include what you expect from bloggers, as well as what the individual and their business can gain from it.

Take it offline

To really harness the power of your social community, you have to ultimately take these customer conversations offline. Arrange a monthly breakfast briefing or networking drinks where these people can meet up face-to-face to share their professional challenges and success stories.