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How To Create A Killer Google+ Company Page

For companies on social media, it’s always beneficial to have pages on multiple sites so that you can reach as many people as possible. One of the newer social media platforms to recently gain popularity is Google+, especially among businesses. The site provides companies with the opportunity to create “Pages” for other Google+ users to follow. If you’re new to the idea of Google+, we’re here to help. Check out these six super simple steps to creating a killer company page!

1. You Must Have A Personal Page First

This first step can be a little annoying, but hey, we just have to deal with it, right? All of the company pages on Google+ were created by someone who also has a personal page. If you already have your own Google+ profile, then you’re good to go. If not, then you can easily create one, and it doesn’t even have to be completely filled out, or even visually appealing because the connection won’t be visible on your company page. Once your personal profile is created, you’ll see the “Pages” tab on the left side of your homepage, and from there, you can create your company page.

2. Choose A Relevant Category

As soon as you click “Create a page,” you’ll be asked to choose a category that is most relevant to your company. Google+ gives you five options when choosing a category:

  • Local Business Or Store — Grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, etc.
  • Product Or Brand — Clothing brands, beauty supplies, electronics, automotive, etc.
  • Company, Institution, or Organization — Schools, universities, nonprofits, activist groups, religious groups, etc.
  • Art, Entertainment, or Sports — TV shows, movies, books, fan clubs, etc.
  • Other — Companies that don’t fit well into any of the previous categories

It’s extremely important to choose the best possible category for your company page because it will help current and potential customerslocate you on Google+, whether they’re intentionally looking you up, or just browsing through pages.

3. Fill Out Your Basic Company Information

Basic information consists of your company name, products or services, background information, location, contact information, etc. It’s all the bare bones details that Google+ users would need to know about your company and what you’re all about.

4. Make Your Page Visually Appealing

You need to choose a profile picture that will make your page easily identifiable around Google+. For this reason, most companies just use their logo, but you don’t always have to do that. Just make sure that you’re not using some obscure photo that doesn’t have a clear connection to your brand. You can also go in and add photos to your albums so that people who visit your page will spend more time looking through your content.

5. Include External Links

To fully optimize your page you need to add external links to all your other web properties such as your company website, and your other social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) Adding these links will be beneficial for two reasons: 1) your followers will know where else to find you around the web, and 2) it will boost your Google search placement. As a bonus, it will also show your followers that you’re very active across several social media platforms, not just Google+, and they’ll be more likely to visit and like/follow your other pages.

6. Share Your Profile With Your Existing Social Media Followers

Once your Google+ company page is complete and you’re ready to go public, it’s a great idea to share this info on your other social media pages. Let your existing followers on Facebook or Twitter know that your company now has a Google+ page and provide a link so that they can check out your newest profile!

Malcolm Walsall is a blogger from Palo Alto, CA. He specializes in writing about social media and Internet marketing strategies.