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How To Cut Business Online Operation Costs By Using A File Sharing Service

Nowadays most companies need to move towards the online world in order to establish a strong presence and it can be said that B2B marketing changed a lot due to the advancements made in technology. We can now work with companies from another country with ease and this is actually something that needs to be seriously taken into account due to the various advantages that are possible, including increased profits.

When referring to many existent file sharing services like, the first thing that comes to mind is personal use. We see these services as ways in which we can bypass email attachment limits so that we can send movies and other large files to friends. The smart businessman understands that such a service can bring in many different advantages for his company. One of them is cutting online expenses.

How is that possible?

Reduced Email Costs

Chances are you already send out many emails. When you make a proposition to another business manager, you want to attach some sort of presentation, usually in PPT or PDF format. It might not seem like that is a lot but as time passes, the bandwidth and actual email account expenses tend to sum up to quite a large amount.

When you work with file hosting companies that allow you to bypass email limits, the only expense is a monthly fee. That fee is always going to be a lot lower than what you need to pay for the necessary email bandwidth and hosting space that is usually linked to company users.

Reduced Overall Hosting Costs

Let’s say that you want to share something that would normally be held on your company server. You can easily eliminate all that by using the file sharing services as your personal storage space. However, in this case you need to be sure that the service does not actually delete your files after some time. On the other hand, if this is the type of extra security service that you would want, you can go for that. The bottom line in this case is that you save money by sharing files through the provider, without having to worry about bandwidth costs.

This is something that might not seem like much but let us think about a scenario. Let us say that you need to offer Adobe Photoshop programs for all people that work for you in other offices as you just bought a company license. In this case, you would end up with extreme bandwidth use on your hosting servers.

Free Stuff For Clients

This is connected to the hosting costs that we mentioned above. There are many situations in which companies use ebooks or digital giveaways in order to make sure that people remain loyal customers. In this case, using the file hosting service is a smart idea because of the same reasons mentioned above.

On the whole, there are many different creative ways in which you could use online file sharing services. However, make sure that you choose one that is suitable, based on the needs that you have at the moment. This is definitely easier said than done.