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How to enhance your business video: Clothing by James Hakesley, nideo

We’ve all seen TV dress code faux pas – that Herringbone jacket that distorts the picture or the bright dress that overpowers the brightness of the background. The below list should help to ensure that you are projected in the right way: 

Context – Dress for your intended audience. If the video is meant for like-minded business people, dress smartly. Relaxed attire may be more suitable for consumer videos. Remember, people buy from people so always dress appropriately.

Setting – Remember to take your surroundings into account. If the video is being shot in an office, shirts and ties may be more appropriate.

Colours - Avoid wearing overly bright or dark clothing that can affect the brightness of the picture in relation to the background. Rather than blacks, whites, reds and oranges, your best bet is to wear cool blues, natural tones or pastel coloured clothing

Patterns - Avoid Herringbone, checks and stripes that can distort the picture. Pin stripes, corduroy and a wavy rainbow pattern called moiré can be extremely damaging 

Jewellery – Keep it to a minimum, but if you do wear jewellery, avoid flashy or reflective pieces, jangly bracelets or dangly earrings. Be aware that your accessories can also be used by the camera operator as a focus to add personality to the video

Fitting – Make sure your clothes fit well.  Try your clothes on before you go in front of the camera and iron them. If you are going to wear a suit, make sure the cuffs are and socks are the correct length

Logos and branding - If you are wearing a shirt with a logo, make sure it is subtle rather than overbearing