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‘How to enhance your business video: Scriptwriting’ by James Hakesley, COO of nideo

It is worth investing some time and thought into this as a well delivered script can really enhance the professionalism of a video. The key is to keep it simple and have a plan. You might want to consider the following top tips:

  • Plan ahead - Start by having a clear idea about what you want to get across. Who’s the audience? What’s your reason for making a video in the first place? You don’t need to write paragraphs but just the main points that you feel are most important. This way, when it comes to the editing, there will be nothing missed and no need to re-shoot.
  • Get straight to the point - You, or your spokesperson, should begin with your company’s key message as you never know how long a viewer is going to stay engaged. The longer your video, the more likely viewers will drop off, so it is crucial to convey your key message at the beginning of the video and repeat it at the end. Create a clear and compelling pitch for the first 10 seconds. This is your elevator pitch.
  • Build context - Set the scene by showing why your product or service matters. Remember storytelling can go a long way so talk about the problem you are solving and what the solution is.
  • Be clear - Back up your message by explaining clearly how your company or product will deliver what it promises and what benefits there are. 
  • Finish with a call to action - This can be a good way to influence the viewer. If the product or service you are promoting is what the viewer is looking for then tell them what to do next and how to get started.

By taking these points on board and executing them properly, any spokesperson representing your business will sound professional and engaging. 

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