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How focusing on the little things can really reap big savings says Wesley Kent, Sales & Marketing Director of Fireco.

An often overlooked area of cost saving is the management of office admin from stationery to utility bills to postage/deliveries - a little focus on the small things could reap big savings.

Wesley Kent, Sales & Marketing Director of Fireco, whose revenue has grown year on year since its launch to become one of the leading providers of fire safety products, gives his top tips on saving money with office overheads;

Think smart when choosing your workspace.

As a new company where you work is a big consideration, nowadays smarter workspaces are all the rage and it’s a great way to keep costs low. Find a space that suits your needs and work up from there. In Brighton, where Fireco are based, several office management companies offer the option to upgrade the amount of floor space you rent as your business grows meaning you’re only ever renting the space you need and waste money leaving desks empty.

Utilise what’s already out there.

Taking advantage of what’s on offer on the internet such as software can save businesses huge amounts of money. A good example is Google documents which has revolutionised the way people work, allowing presentations, calendars and documents to be shared easily and efficiently without the costs of expensive office software. Do your research and find out what’s out there for your company, the free software and the advantages of the different systems for your company.

Make sure you’re in when people come calling.

Recent statistics estimated that over 12% of deliveries fail first time, costing the industry £ 1bn in redelivery charges. At Fireco we have launched a product that helps solve the issue, Smartbel an intelligent doorbell, that calls a business owners mobile when rung meaning that businesses no longer need to miss a potential customer or delivery. The doorbell acts as an intercom meaning you can discuss a suitable time to meet with the caller or arrange a different place for the delivery to be left.

It doesn’t have to be new to be effective.

There is a reason sites such as eBay and Gumtree have become hugely popular, we are all looking for a bargain and we don’t care if it comes new or used.

By buying used computer equipment, copiers and office furniture businesses could save up to 60 percent, if you shop wisely no one will even know it’s anything other than the best.

Being green and financially prudent.

Go paperless, email is an accepted form of communication and we should all make the most of the opportunity to save on paper, printing and postage costs wherever we can. Invoice your clients by email, let your scanner become your best friend and PDF everything. Not only is this the ‘green’ way to think but it will save money on paper and ink.

For many new businesses, it is not growing their business which stops them, but having the cash flow to keep their business afloat. Small changes may not seem worth it but actually could be the difference between struggling along till the next invoice is paid to moving your business up to the next level.

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