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How to Generate Customer Intelligence for Your Lead Generation Initiatives

Lead generation in Malaysia in a time where information is so easy to obtain is a lot easier than it was 10 years ago. As you know, business information is the foundation of every B2B marketing success; without sufficient, accurate customer data, you could end up wasting all your efforts selling to the wrong person. 

However, unless you know how to use it effectively, the large amount of data that gets into your customer database everyday through market profiling and other B2B telemarketingactivities could only eat up space and serve as a distraction in your efforts to generate sales leads and B2B appointments. Additionally, you can’t expect potential customers to come to you and tell you what they do and what they want; you have to do it and in a right way. 

So, how can you generate more valuable customer intelligence you can use to innovate and enhance your sales lead generation activities? Consider the following tips:

1. Spend more time talking to customers. 

As mentioned already, customers will not lay all relevant information on a plate for you. Speak to them and instruct your B2B lead generation team to spend more time talking about them to gain more insights about their families, likes, hobbies, etc. While those conversations may not necessarily be sales-related, you can use them to create more meaningful customer profiles that go beyond mere demographics.

2. Telemarketing 

Telemarketing is an excellent way to contact and follow-up with customers and prospects. That is why many businesses partner with telemarketing companies to stay connected with their clients. In addition to telemarketing services, you may also use other channels such as social media and various online methods to gather information. Deep understanding your customers is key to your lead generation success in Malaysia. 
Make sure you spend enough time to improve your customer intelligence acquisition. Good luck. 

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