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How to generate real sales from inbound marketing

In any industry, generating leads and revenue through sales and marketing is the bread and butter of business – none more so than the automotive industry.

Just as drawing customers into the showroom is the best way to sell them a vehicle or service package, inbound marketing is the best way to generate leads through online channels and turn those leads to business.

So how do you get those people into your ‘showroom’ (read ‘online presences’) in the first place?

First, you need an offer that people perceive they need. Creating that perception is the first step; carefully positioning your product or service in the market place and developing communications that answer a strong need among your customers

Then the focus is on the marketing channels that you use to draw visitors to your online presences.

This is where using that same carefully constructed offer and communications that generate the need are made visible to your target audience. With the myriad digital channels available to the modern marketer, delivering a message that reaches your audience wherever they are is easy – it’s using the right channels in a cost efficient and highly effective way that’s the key.

Interactive channels like search marketing and social media are likely to be the most effective digital pull marketing approaches, as an already-engaged audience is seeking out the answer to their particular need – it’s at this point you work to ensure they find your particular product or service.

Delivering good quality, highly optimised content with a persuasive call to action will attract an engaged and loyal online following to your web presences. By combining this content with an interactive, ‘listening’ approach – taking the time to survey your market place by monitoring news and trends – through generating timely and relevant responses, you will build a strong community ready to convert to leads.

These are leads that are through the ‘showroom’ door and ready to do a deal. Be sure to integrate sales and marketing teams to drive online interactions to deliver real business success.


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