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How to get 1000 more Twitter followers: BNI Tip of the week


DSP - 4/28/08 - My Favorite Book This Week (Photo credit: Schlomo Rabinowitz)

We got asked by HARO to send in advice to this journalist John Brandon

I have about 4,000 followers on Twitter now (jmbrandonbb) but want to test getting to 5,000. But not just for the raw numbers -- I want to measure the stickiness. Followers who also click links and re-share, etc.

I LOVE this enquiry - it gives a real opportunity to show the advisors from the 'gurus -with-no-practical-expertise'.  Here's our response. 

Twitter tips to grow followers:

  • Post a ratio of 8 retweets to 2 original tweets [Guy Kawasaki's tip].
  • Post your original tweets 3 times per day at different times to take advantage of timezones when different people are online.
  • Most people in business look to Twitter to get tips, hints and links to interesting articles.
  • Stay in your niche and share relevant links that are meaninful for your audience.

Target new followers by joining tweet chats:

  • Follow and RT people in the tweet chats - it's an easy way to get new followers who understand Twitter and will RT your observations.  #B2BChat is a good one I go to #BlogChat is another one that has a huge membership.
  • Go through your Linked In connections and follow the ones who have Twitter listed [sadly I think this is a manual job].

Keep a spreadsheet of your original tweets:

  • Note which ones get the most RTs or replies.
  • Analyse the type of message in these tweets and create more of the same to encourage greater engagement.

Create content on aggregator websites:

  • If you write an article for them they usually tweet it.  Their audience is larger than yours.  I write for and Business2Community for these reasons.
 And when you come to Facebook - we have some specific strategies that we're testing for a client over the past 2 weeks.  And the results are good so far.  Here's our first blog post... we'll do another with more detail later.

Good news is John is now at 4439 followers today - so only 560 to go to his target.  

Any other suggestions?