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How to Get Your Niche Offering to the C-Suite

You have your value proposition locked down. It outlines the specific problem that your solution solves, along with all the features and super powers it has.

Only problem is, when you target senior decision makers, it falls upon deaf ears.

So how do we get around this?

The truth is, selling to the C-Suite is different. Most marketers and salespeople, when selling to senior execs, start their messaging with what they do. This is then followed by the benefits they bring and then work to build the business case.

Building trust is left as the piece at the end – once everything has been laid down. This simply doesn’t work.

When you’re selling your niche offering to the C-Suite, you need to do it in the exact opposite way to what’s been outlined above.

Successful C-Suite marketing is based upon intimacy. You need to build intimate relationships with the senior execs in your target accounts before any business can be done back in the boardroom.

Focus on their challenges when creating your message

One framework we use to create messaging that will resonate with the C-Suite is SCQA, which stands for:

  • Situation
  • Complication
  • Question
  • Answer

You start your messaging by explaining the SITUATION that the C-Suite is currently facing, followed by identifying the COMPLICATION it brings. Once this is outlined, you present a QUESTION and create an ANSWER that ties directly to your value proposition.

In order to apply this framework effectively, you should start with the answer. This is your value proposition in terms of how it directly relates to the C-Suite.

Then you go back to define the situation. What are the biggest struggles that your target C-Suite audience are facing right now? What complications does it bring to them – the complications that hit them in the gut?

From here, you create the question that ties this challenge to your value proposition. When you lead with a message that focuses on their biggest challenges, they’re more likely to pay attention.

Once you’ve got your message nailed down, you need to create a platform that you can deliver it in.

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