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HOW TO: Go from dating to planning the rest of your life together…a content love story

My company Amadeus is very well known across the globe for its reservation and booking systems for air and travel agencies, there was a challenge for us in creating new awareness for rail. A typical conversation for sales would be – but you’re Amadeus what do you know about rail? Early attempts were trying to shoe horn rail into our airline products but the message was badly received so we had to start from scratch and build awareness through a progressive global content campaign.

It’s all about creating a relationship that you want to be long term, a bit like dating and then meeting your soul mate, your life partner or husband or wife. At the beginning you have to align yourself with people that meet your criteria. You then need to make yourself attractive, and if successful and you meet their criteria you have the start of a relationship. If all goes well you can make a commitment and take the next step to get engaged, and then plan the rest of your life together. Unless of course competition is better and steals him or her away!

My presentation at B2B Marketing’s Content Avalanche will look at the attractiveness or the ability to attract potential business and I would like to share with you a simple process to position yourself in a new market and then build customer relationship, brand awareness, a competitive advantage and build specific targeted leads using content.

Be prepared for a mind-set change. When launching a B2B content campaign it’s important to have a great website in place, supported by social media that really gives you a better opportunity than just press releases or waiting for some news/deliverable to happen – it allows you to engage with your customers and at the same time helps provide links to your website, meet new people and basically build you up as the master of that particular niche or domain.

But beware it will be successful and you will have to deal with success.

Philip Martin will be discussing this subject futher at our upcoming B2B Marketing Conference, ‘The Content Avalanche’. The event offers a tour-de-force in content marketing excellence. Marketing leaders will share insights, outline best practices and offer actionable advice. Plus, the event offers a rare opportunity to network and share ideas with over 200 B2B marketers.

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