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How Google Analytics track email marketing!

If you are starting an email marketing campaign there are many tools like mailChimp, Campaign Monitor or yesware, which can be of a huge help. These tools can tell us the open and click rate of sent emails. We can find out how long the receiver spends on the email, what links they click on and even how long that person stays on your website after they have clicked through.

We have a strong email marketing campaign and it has been incredibly useful and fruitful for our business. Once we see that someone has opened our emails we get on the phone and give them a call. The receiver doesn’t know the emails are being tracked so they just think our sales team has exceptionally good timing!

Let me show you how you can add this tool, for free, to you Google analytics:

Google allow us to do a very basic set up, which will help us to analyze email referrals separately and not as direct traffic to the website. This can help us calculate how successful our email marketing process is. To set this up just visit Google URL Builder Tool.

There please enter the following details in 3-4 steps

Step 1: Enter your website URL.

Step 2: Enter your Campaign source i.e. UKWebFast, Google, newsletter4 etc

Step 3: Add Campaign Medium as ‘Email’ – if you want to track email marketing.

And Last Step 4: Campaign Name: Name of the Campaign

After saving now visit Google Analytics, Sign in and go to Traffic Sources -> Sources  -> Campaigns

And you will see a screen like below:

Here you can check how many people visited your website after reading an email.

Now your email referral traffic will be separately analyzable and you are done!

You can calculate how your emails are performing and can always strive to make it better to get more conversions.

Best of Luck and please do make comments if you have any feedback or happy stories to tell!

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