How to join boards and influence people: How can marketing feel more integral across a business?

I don’t have to tell you that marketing has completely transformed in the last 5 years. Marketers have gone from being mere advertisers into data scientists, Digital Gurus, Behavioural psychologists, Storytellers, graphic designers, customer service masters and a host of other roles to boot.

The marketing department is the last real polymath in business, which is why CMOs should be the logical choice to become CEOs. However in B2B, this is rarer than somebody clicking a banner ad. 

Theories on why are ten a penny. A latent prevailing sales culture and a lack of “hard numbers and data” keeping marketers out of the boardroom altogether being two of the more common we hear all the time. 

However I still think that marketers aren’t putting their best foot forward and an insular mindset is to blame. Marketers are still entirely focused on marketing problems, creating a vacuum into which all of their ideas and insights are sucked in, meaning that the rest of the business struggles to appreciate the work they do.

These new broad skillsets put marketers in a new, unique position of having the tools to approach business problems in new, exciting and innovative ways, particularly by thinking customer-centrically.

So I put up the challenge this year for marketers to stick their neck out to understand these wider business challenges in 2016, to find ways to solve them by delighting their customers in the way that truly modern businesses should, and “unicorn” start-ups almost always do.

Network within your business. Understand the challenges of other departments. Turn marketing into the creative hub of your organisation- greatness awaits.

Once we’ve all revolutionised the companies we work for, we should talk once more- for 2017 is the year for marketers to change the entire world- hopefully for the better.