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How to Level-up in the B2B Telemarketing ‘Expertise Ladder’


The marketing world is like a hollow hill on the ground full of hardworking ants, striving to work for the colony but also wishing to become something else other than a peasant of a much bigger reign. Now if you’re a B2B telemarketer who works just like everyone else, your chances of standing out from the rest is slimmer than an ant’s antennae.

What you need to do is to ‘level-up’ to higher ranks in terms of skill and professional aptitude.

The way you pitch your products or services to your prospects is the greatest measure of your odds at improvement, while also considering the mentality that goes with talking to business people every day, performing lead generation tactics and eventually discussing the possibility of a professional relationship.

These are the qualities of a ‘leveled-up’ B2B telemarketer:

Still the best policy
One doesn’t need to lie in order to be dishonest. The omission of something that’s true is also as bad as lying. People are, time and again, surprised by the aftermath of honesty once they’ve done it. When your prospects hear things they really don’t necessarily need to know but you tell them anyway out of honesty, they appreciate it. It’s a building block for long-term relationships.

Tone down the trickery
Being adept at lead generation tricks doesn’t make you an expert. You are not supposed to trick your buyers; you are trying to help them make an educated business purchase. Performing tricks only means you have no confidence in yourself or in your products/services.

No estar desesperado
When you sound like you’re someone so desperate to close a sales call, your prospects may doubt your credibility. It would make them think that you’re over-pitching your product (exaggerating features, overpromising results) just for you to convince them. Instead, wear a suit of confidence.

Prospects control the pace, you control the show
Let the demeanor and communication style of the customer dictate the pace of the conversation, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to assert yourself if it’s necessary. Make them feel comfortable in absorbing all the details, let them express their thoughts, but be sure to guide them to the right path.

Be patient
A successful telemarketer knows that patience is the mother of all virtues. What prospects yearn for is quality attention, and if you give it to them, they’d be quick to regard you as someone who’s worth the time.

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