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How to make consumer based content relevant for the B2B audience

Speaking at the upcoming B2B Summit we will discuss exactly how the “Churners to Champions” campaign made consumer based content relevant for a B2B audience. The core objective was to help Verint build preference among the c-level decision-makers responsible for signing off on technology investments potentially worth millions of pounds.  Its technology portfolio spans areas such as customer engagement analytics and workforce optimisation, but rather than talking up the features and benefits of the technology, we wanted to explain why what it does is so important to companies today.

Our campaign harnessed consumer insights – based on surveys of thousands of people across Europe (and the USA) rather than more conventional business decision-maker research. Every member of the B2B audience is a consumer in their “private life” and by sharing consumer behavioural patterns, our aim was for these decision makers recognise themselves and their behaviour in the story. Rolled out in five countries (UK, USA, Poland, Russia, and Germany) from late January, 2014, “Churners to Champions” paints a picture of the challenges facing customer service organisations today.  Our research had concluded that there is hidden value in the voice of the customer, so savvy organisations should use offers and incentives, plus social media engagement, informed by the right technology, to encourage more customers to become brand champions, and ‘activate’ those that already are.

How did we make the story relevant?
Beneath this story lay a highly integrated tactical campaign geared at delivering the message at every stage in the marketing and sales process, creating stories which customers, prospects, employees and media could all latch on to. We also placed a heavy focus on creating sales enablement content to ensure Verint’s sales team could continue the discussion with prospects as they progressed through the sales funnel. These materials included:

  • Social sales playbook and digital assets (e.g. infographics, landing pages and lead capture)
  • Speaker presentations for events (Verint speaks at 10-15 events per quarter)
  • Sales presentations and leave-behind print pieces
  • Audience tailored media awareness campaigns in five countries

During the session at the B2B Summit, Verint and Brands2Life, Verint’s communications agency, who coordinated the campaign, will walk through some of the quantifiable metrics to assess the effectiveness of content-led marketing programmes. We also hope to share some of the business KPIs that we are tracking for the duration of the campaign.