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How to make your company visible in an over-competitive B2B environment?

However, the disappointing result you get is far from the desired growth in sales. The effectiveness of your investments leaves much to be desired. Why is it so and what should you do about it? The moment you start asking these questions is the first step towards the ever needed changes of your business strategy.


The reason behind such a low customers' response rate is the daily bombardment of similar marketing messages. Wherever you go, you're surrounded by ads. At some point they turn into a single meaningless message everybody ignores. We all know that content marketing is very popular in B2B and it'll stupid of you not to use. But it doesn't mean you should do what everybody else does. Look at the stats below to better understand the problem:


The excess of advertising a customer is faced with every day starts to be really annoying, and no matter how hard you try to get your message through to him, you'll fail. Your competitors try to do the same thing. As long as you're afraid of trying new approaches to make your business stand out, the trend of disappointing results will still be haunting you. These tips might help you to find some innovative ways of making your company visible.


Stop Imitating Your Competitors

If your competitors' analysis showed you that the approach they use is pretty successful, don't try to immediately do the very same thing. It won't necessarily work for you as well. It's much more useful to find the reasons of their success and to identify the factors that helped them achieve it. You then will be able to come up with a new strategy that can guarantee the same positive outcome.


Set the Trend

Monitoring your market is a significant part of the business development. Keep your eyes on the ball. You need to know about every new trend (not necessarily in your industry) and think about the possible ways of using it to your advantage. At some point, you can try to set a new trend yourself. Don't be afraid of marketing experiments!


Make People Talk About You

Reading about the advantages of your business is very exciting, of course, but mainly to you and your employees. Your customers need to remember you and have positive associations with your company. Make that happen by producing an engaging and exciting content. Use humor when possible or focus on some controversial topics. Make a big secret out of your special offer and make your customers want to find out about it.


Show, Don't Tell

You can talk endlessly about your business and how it functions, but there's a little chance the customers will remember you. If you know a wholesaler or retailer who you want to work with but simply can't reach to, there's one way to get them interested in you. Invite them to visit your factory (workshop, manufacture) and SHOW them how everything works. Explain why your product is better and how they can benefit from buying it. Seeing something with your own eyes will never compare to the best descriptions of it.


Hopefully, these tips will help you to come up with an innovative and creative approach to push your business forward. Remember, you don't need a huge budget, you just need a good idea!

About author:

Peter Druker is a marketing analyst at He is passionate about marketing and creating new innovative approaches to reach the set goals.