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How many calls before you get an opportunity?

It will always depend on a variety of factors; time of year, the product and proposition, the target audience, etc. But we analysed over 295,000 calls between June-December 2011 – that’s nearly 300 days of continuous calling – and arrived at some averages that may prove useful.

You need to make 80 calls to get an opportunity, and normally spend about 2 hours on the phone (to be precise, it’s 78.45 calls and 1 hour 53 minutes).

The definition of an opportunity can vary from agreement to receive a telephone call from a senior sales executive on a specified day, to a face-to-face ‘BANT qualified’ meeting with a C-level decision maker.

These averages will naturally vary from campaign to campaign, and to give you a better indication of the variance, here’s some detail on six recent telemarketing projects.











We have grouped the campaigns by type to give a fair comparison. The red campaigns are targeting C-level executives in the FTSE 250 companies. In this case it was Chief Finance Officers and Marketing Directors/Managers.

The light grey campaigns targeted HR Managers and IT/Telecoms Managers at large organisations (employing 500+ people). The dark grey projects were aimed at SMEs, in many cases employing less than 100 staff, and the job titles were typically Operations/Procurement Manager, Webmaster or CEO.

As you can see the variation is huge, in some cases over 200%; yet all these campaigns were conducted over the same 4 month period, so seasonality is a limited factor.

The metric of 80 calls and 2 hours per Opportunity is a useful guide, but it is only a guide. To get a much better indication of the results you should be achieving on your telemarketing project please call us on 020 8846 3950 or email