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How to Market Your Business at an Exhibition

There are numerous ways to market an event successfully such as social media, location and communication but what if you are exhibiting - how can you promote yourself within the event?

There are numerous methods to boosting your presence and attracting audiences at an exhibition or trade show but the fundamental issue is your stand. Hundreds if not thousands of people attend such events but you cannot rely on them approaching your stand to talk to you about your products or services. You need to take the initiative by drawing them in with a professional and engaging stand display!

The visual appearance of your stand is vital as it reflects the brand’s overall image. There is a fine balance in being distinctive and ‘loud’ and appearing as an amateur. When designing your stand, a tip is to keep it simple but effective. Make your exhibit stand out from the crowd but for all the right reasons. You want people to remember you in a positive way, not for having a garish stand.

Take into account the size of the plot you have hired and the budget you have available. It is pointless hiring a stand that fits all of your products and services if it won’t actually fit into the plot you have obtained. Allow for all the furniture, flooring, lighting, audio visual equipment and electrics as well as seating areas for your staff and customers. Do you want visitors to be able to walk in at various openings or just through one door? These are the kind of questions you need to ask yourself.

Don’t try and take all aspects of your line of work to the event- it will only make the stand appear crammed and overcrowded. Simplicity is ideal so take a few products and services and really market these well. Modern technologies can help do this such as plasma screens and touch screen kiosks to interact and engage with audiences.

Follow these top tips and successfully promote your stand at an upcoming trade show or event. This post was written by Display Wizard; specialists in display and exhibition solutions.